SACS Web 2.0 Definition and FAQs

What is Web 2.0?

Web 2.0 refers to a website that requires account creation and may store information about users.  The websites are typically interactive and provide opportunities for student engagement and/or collaboration.

Any web-based service used with students which collects information must be COPPA compliant.  

When should I use the Web 2.0 Request Form?

If the tool/website in question is not on the Reviewed Website list and requires account creation for students, the form should be completed and submitted for review.  For more information regarding approval/denial of websites, refer to notes for specific sites per the Reviewed Website page

Do permission slips need to be signed for each Web 2.0 tool?

Parents either approve or deny their child(ren) from utilizing Web 2.0 tools at registration (check with building administrators for lists).  Some websites however, require specific parental permission.  These potential requirements will be stated on the Reviewed Website list upon approval of the tool.

How do students login to each site?

Web 2.0 sites generally require information for student login such as first name, last name, email address, etc.  “Login with Google” is the preferred method (if available) as accounts will sync to an existing username and password managed by SACS.  Below are account creation norms if Google login is unavailable:

Grades K-5 (students under 13)

First Name = actual first name, Last Name = last name initial then secondary student identification [Grad Yr + 5 digit random number] Example: c452200001 Password = network login password.

Grades 6-12

First Name = actual first name, Last Name = actual last name, Password = locker combination   

Email addresses:

[email protected]- In the event there are students with shared names, the middle initial will be added at the end of the first name.

Disclaimer: Although every effort was made to check on the legality of use with SACS students, something may have been overlooked resulting in the status changing. In  addition, website policies may also dictate a change of status.

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