Middle School (Grade 6-8)

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Here is a list that may be helpful!

Here are a few… May be the course foundation you’re looking for with additions/edits as you get familiar with them.PICK ONE to try… You may be surprised at what you will find… If really have the time, each of these is worth a new look – have been updated/revised in the last year or so.

CK -12has gotten much better--worth a look. May be your answer to ONE textbook /resource for all materials. Link to CK12 in general :http://www.ck12.org/teacher/ ( Choose CCSS, Math…and grade level or CCSS and Specific Strand – ex.Geo, Alg , Measurement, etc.)

A.BASIC “textbook” lessons

  • Below is an example of what I got with just a click on CCSS Math- Algebra Standards…
  • NO Indiana standards listed for Math, but the CCSS are so similar, just need to look for the “strand” ie7.AF.2 ( AF – Algebra and Functions—CCSS it’s just Algebra label)
  • The PRACTICE for most concepts is interactive and have to get 10 right (usually) to move on.Changes questions based on errors/level.
  • Most have VIDEO, Reading, and Practice .Some also have investigations/real scenerios.

B. The PLIX– stands for Play, Learn, Investigate , X-plore… interactive applications/investigations with questions on the concepts. If you just want these – no other options – go to http://interactives.ck12.org/plix/index.html?subject=arithmetic

Old Textbook companion websites– For Ex.http://www.phschool.com/atschool/txtbk_res_math.html

Lots of quick interactive quizzes, practice tests.Textbook not online, but organization and assessments that follow progression may be useful to you.

Click on a book for your level,

HippoCampusHas gotten better too!--http://hippocampus.org/Also don’t ignore the buttons on the right—STEM Bite and Learning Games Lab are GREAT.

Each Math area has Presentation(videos and PowerPoints on the concept) , worked examplesand “simulations” which are sometimes interactive practice, etc..

PBS Learning--http://www.pbslearningmedia.org/Nice search options, can get lessons- some self-paced , interactives, lesson plans, videos ( Khan mostly) , Documents, etc.. Be sure to review all the search options on the left side of the home page. Can really narrow down the search.

OER Commons( Open Educational Resource Commons )http://www.oercommons.org/browse?batch_size=100&f.alignment_standard=2&f.general_subject=algebra&f.sublevel=middle-school&sort_by=evaluation_score_rubric_0

Pretty specific search possible, free items, most have no “Conditions of Use” .Nice summary of types of activities etc. before you actually click the resource. Practice problems within lessons. Try, then click to see solutions.You can sort by “rating” to be sure you don’t look through duds, to get to good stuff.

MathVIDEOS only– Patrick JMT–http://patrickjmt.com/Very specific concepts, short –usually 2-3 min and every topic possible on his index.You can look through full list, look by course, or search by concept. He’s to the point, clear and concise.Really good (much better than Kahn Academy if you just want video to explain)

Math is Fun http://www.mathsisfun

If you just type in “Curriculum” in search box, you can get full year of curriculum for each grade level

LONG list of units and lessons.All have nice graphics and most haveabout 10 problems at the end of the lesson.

E-Learning for Kids:http://www.e-learningforkids.org/math/Site is k-6, but could be REALLY useful for lower achievers, remediation,Math Skills Classes. Full lessons with practice, etc.

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