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A Note From Common Sense Media about their Curriculum: Kids and teens today are using the immense power of digital media to explore, connect, create, and learn in ways never before imagined. With this power, young people have extraordinary opportunities, and yet they face potential pitfalls, too. Meanwhile, schools are dealing with the associated ramifications — like cyberbullying, digital cheating, and safety and security concerns. These issues underscore the need for students to learn — and for teachers to
teach — digital literacy and citizenship skills.
Common Sense Media’s FREE Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum empowers students to think critically,behave safely, and participate responsibly in our digital world. These 21st-century skills are essential for students to harness the full potential of technology for learning. Taught by classroom teachers, librarians, technology
specialists, health educators, and guidance counselors around the world, our K-12 curriculum:
• Introduces reliable, research-based information to students about digital media and their impact
• Offers a comprehensive yet balanced approach in addressing safety and security concerns, including
ethics and behavior issues, as well as digital literacy skills
• Includes research-based lessons based on the work of Howard Gardner and the GoodPlay Project at
the Harvard Graduate School of Education
• Provides student-centered, media-rich lesson materials that emphasize skill building, critical thinking,
ethical discussion, media creation, and decision making to students of all ages
• Addresses the whole community by providing materials to educate parents and families about
digital citizenship
• Satisfies criteria for CIPA E-rate compliance
• Aligns to the Common Core State Standards, the International Society for Technology in Education’s
National Education Technology Standards (ISTE’s NET•S), and the American Association of School
Librarians (AASL) Standards
• Includes rich professional development resources such as tutorials, videos, and webinars
There are 80 lessons in the full K-12 curriculum, with supporting materials such as student handouts, assessments, educational videos, family tip sheets, and professional development resources. We suggest starting with our Scope & Sequence to determine which approach is right for your students. Our Scope & Sequence consists of three units for grade bands K-2, 3-5, and 6-8 and four units for Grades 9-12. Each unit is comprised of five lessons, which spiral to address a cross-curricular approach. The units build oneach other by reinforcing developmentally appropriate topics. You can use the units either sequentially by grade or
at any grade level within this band. Our curriculum is made available to educators and schools FREE thanks to the generous support of our funders. Browse our educator site to find a plethora of curricular materials. Our education program brings students,
families, and educators together to create world-class digital citizens for the 21st-century


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